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Commercial Duct Cleaning

We offer the following services:

Condo & High-Rise Buildings
Office Space
Make-up Air Unit & Fan Coil Cleaning
Kitchen & Bathroom Exhaust Cleaning
Condo Dryer Cleaning
Apartment Building Laundry Room Cleaning
Retirement Residences

Commercial Duct Cleaning: Services

Sick and Dirty Air

Improving the indoor-air quality within your business or establishment is better for everyone. The HVAC unit is designed to keep out dust and other pollutants from getting into the building. Contaminants and pollutants can and will accumulate over time in the duct work and HVAC systems in all commercial buildings.
The make-up air unit is designed to remove pollutants in the air and to provide a building with fresh air, both heated and cooled.
When there is mold and bacteria growth in the duct system the air quality dramatically declines, causing a condition within the building called, "Sick building syndrome", (SBS). Mold is the leading cause of SBS and can have serious effects on your health.
Making sure the HVAC system and all the ductwork are cleaned every 2-3 years will protect the health of those in the building and prolong the energy and the efficiency of the system.

Dirty diffusers

Mold and bacteria in the vent

Dirty fan vent

RBS Comm Diffuser.jpg
RBS SIck1.jpg
RBS pic smoke.jpg
Commercial Duct Cleaning: Features
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